August 2019
Here's where you can see/hear the first single and music video for the 1st track off of Winning Combination: "It's True" music video directed by our pals Baby Pony Food Productions premiered on the 405
The Safes new album Winning Combination will be released on with Action Weekend Records and Bickerton Records - LP/CD/Digital
Can't wait to share this album with you all!

July 2019
now look at you
Designing new t-shirts for our upcoming tour dates in the late summer, fall and early winter
Just approved the LP & CD art and mastered album with Blaise Barton at JoyRide Studio

June 2019
It's been a wild ride...
Finalizing the LP & CD art mock up, gonna have a true professional and gentleman at X10 to do the heavy lifting
The album is getting mastered and those videos for "It's True" and "On Top" are nearly done.

May 2019
FWD, TTT new jams, tracks 1 and 2 or 2 and 1
we're on top of the world

April 2019
ahhhh lunesta

March 2019
Just got a view of Baby Pony Food's “It’s True” music video filmed in DC ! Kafka gameshow wouldn't you know

February 2019
Buy Frankie's been busy minting out WMOL and RTD in his studio, while Patrick has been doing some consulting work
Gathering up the premasters that'll soon be getting juiced up

January 2019
Busy mocking up LP5's album cover - looking like a classic....

December 2018
Happy holidays, we're working on a new lp for fall 2019, stay tuned fam

November 2018
Playing live on Fox Morning for a segment with Brittany Payton and then at night at Schubas with The Differents, Baby Money and The Marcatos

Working on video ideas for lp5

October 2018
From our American Laundromat Records tribute single, the James William Glass video for our cover of Juliana Hatfield's pop hit "I See You" at Big Takeover

Did you see the cool music video directed by Wendy Norton of Norton Videos for our Juliana Hatfield tribute single of her hit song "Universal Heart-Beat" via Jedd Beaudoin and the fine folks at Popmatters

WOW!!!! Now we know what people are talking about. Well our first tour of Spain was outrageous! 13 corner-to-corner shows. Where do we start??? So much fun! What a country.... great people, delicious food, music lovers...
Thanks to our record labels, Action Weekend Records & Bickerton Records, especially Carlos and Juanma for Everything with the 7' release and tour! And Dany Tores our friend, booking agent and tour manager extraordinaire!!! Gerrardo of Los Chicos, Wily in Barcelona and all the beautiful people at the shows.

September 2018
First a Japanese tour that was life changing and now a tour of Spain in September....So blessed! Our very first show is at the Xiria Pop Festival in Carballo, shows in Madrid, Barcelona, Cáceres, Cantabria, Granada!

Plus soon we'll be sharing the music videos and recordings for the Juliana Hatfield songs we recorded for our upcoming 7" tribute album on American Laundromat Records! They're wicked- you're gonna love em too!
Wendy Norton created the "Universal Heart-Beat" music video for us and our other friend James William Glass created the "I See You" music video.

August 2018
Skokie Backlot Bash was a ton of fun! Thanks to everyone involved and the people that enjoyed the festivities with us. Now we're "fools for Skokie village"
The Safes 7" record on Bickerton Records and Action Weekend Records will be released Sept 14 in conjunction with our tour of Spain! More details to come!!

July 2018
Happy to be part of Beach Blanket Blitzkreig #2 on the 4th of July at Montrose Beach with our friends Black Cat Heart Attack, Van Go. So.... come on. Fireworks, Rock'n'roll, beach, waves...
Take it easy... next month a show with Foghat

June 2018

Our friends at Daykamp Creative designed the artwork for The Safes - Tribute to Juliana Hatfield; it looks killer! Can't wait to share it with you and our recordings
James William Glass has created another gem of a video for The Safes rendition of "I See You" and Wendy Norton is working on a stop-motion diddy for "Universal Heart-Beat"

May 2018
WI The Safes are coming for you with stacked shows: Friday 18th in MKE with Cabin Esscence and DJ Daniel James of Indonesian Junk
Saturday May 19 in Madison with The Arkoffs and Small Mediums

Mixing the Juliana Hatfield tribute songs at Electrical Audio very soon! We'll keep you posted.

April 2018
Can you believe this? On April 22nd, the O'Malleys were recording two of our favorite (hard to pick just two) Juliana Hatfield hits - "Universal Heart-Beat" & "I See You" - with the slamming rhythm section of
Ted Ansani and Mike Zelenko of Material Issue inside Electrical Audio with Steve Albini all on 2" tape for our upcoming @americanlaundromatrecords 7" double single tribute to incredible @julianahatfield !!!
To make it even more special, our great friend and remarkable artist Nicole Anguish of Daykamp Creative is designing the artwork so you know it's going to look stellar.
Let us tell you, it sounds amazing to our ears. This whole process of getting to play Juliana's songs while sitting in the MI pocket (Ted and Mike play like brothers - the telepathy and feel....)
has been a major thrill and honor for us. Thank you to everyone involved; we still can't even believe this is real and look forward to sharing more details over the next couple of months before the release.

Wanna hear some additional exciting news? The Safes are thrilled to announce that we will be releasing a 7" record in Spain on Action Weekend Records and Bickerton Records this fall!
Thanks to Carlos and Juanma for joining forces to make this happen. More news on this soon!

March 2018
Japan you make dreams come true, thank you! What can top that? Arigato: Toyozo, Chris Jack, PopNRoll Atsushi, Club Heavy Sick, The Fadeaways,The Knocks, Car Crash, DJ Fumie, DJ Bisco, MELLVINS!, Everyone at Dream on Records, Mule Team, DJ SxT, DJ Toyozo, Shotaro Ta2rou, Emilingo at Green Apple, Gorilla*, Create Actions, Bobsleigh Trio, DJ Kame, Illustrator Kame, DJ Chokkan, FiFi, Lesley and Jackie, Hokage, The Bryan, Koichiro of Not Rebound, Onepercenters, Ax Little City & Construction Nine, Ryota Suda of Nerd Magnet, Toru, Yoko, the fine folks at Bar Bassic, The Routes, The Lovebites, Kurachi at Big Beat Records, Scott at Hidden Volume Records, Rob Perry, Laurier and all our new friends in Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Fukuoka!!!

February 2018
Hot off the presses! How about this? Have you read The Safes feature interview in Japan's largest English magazine, the Tokyo Weekender? Please check it out here! Thanks to Laurier Tiernan for the interview!

Thanks to Aaron over at 50THIRDAND3RD! Check out this cool interview Frankie did with him about The Safes, working with Hidden Volume Records, our upcoming tour of Japan, the Chicago scene, Vinyl and much much more, like influences! You can read the interview here!

Here is some Chicago love too! Please read this awesome interview Rachel Zyzda of ANCHR Magazine did with Frankie about The Safes, making Tasty Waves and our upcoming Tour in Japan! Check it out here!

Boy Madison, WI you sure know how to have some fun and throw a stellar bday bash for the incomprable Heather Hussy! Thanks to our friends in The Hussy, Last Sons of Krypton, and Psychic Drag and everyone that came out to celebrate Heather!

Order the Sea Blue &/or Electric Blue Tasty Waves LPs at Hidden Volume
Or on iTunes & CD

January 2018

The Safes couldn't be more thrilled about what we'll be doing at the end of February 2018: a four city, 5-show Hidden Volume Records tour of Japan! Stoked to be sharing the stage with our superstar label mates The Fadeaways @fadeaways_toyozo + Gorilla @popnroll and @theroutes!! Also very stoked to be playing in Osaka with The Bryan and @dor_rec in Yokohama too! We are gonna try and break into Budakon set up and play there too, ha! Maybe we'll get arrested and become famous in Japan for that! Show dates and venues are on this awesome tour poster designed by Scott at @hivorecords and Chris from the Routes! Thanks dudes! And thank you to everyone at Hidden Volume and all these great bands for making this all possible! People always say "Living the dream" we actually mean it!

Plus, we actually have some additional very exciting and big news to share soon! Please stand by for that, The Safes are really stoked about that as well!


December 2017
Watch the Streets and Sanitation video directed by James William Glass (PLRLS) !!!

Order the Sea Blue &/or Electric Blue Tasty Waves LPs at Hidden Volume
Or on iTunes & CD

November 2017
Midwest and West coast we're coming for you - MO, OK, NM, AZ, CA, NV, UT, CO, KS, NE, IA, IL...and playing with tons of great bands!
Check the shows page for all the rest of our autumn Tasty Waves tour dates details

Order the Sea Blue &/or Electric Blue LPs at Hidden Volume
Or order on iTunes & CD

October 2017
Be on the lookout for James William Glass (PLRLS) "Streets and Sanitation" music video coming soon

Check out The Safes XPN performance and feature on Eric Schulman's #IndieRockHitParade Friday night show

Don't forget to relisten to The Safes on Joe Belock's WFMU's 3 Chord Monte show and his show every Monday noon to 3pm - rocknroll people!!!

Read this awesome Tasty Waves review by Lord Rutledge at Faster and Louder

Gander at this Columbus, OH show preview written by Joel Oliphint at Columbus Alive

Thanks to Kayla Carmichael at The Corner Type for the feature and posting the "Hometown" video

That's right The Safes Tasty Waves (Hidden Volume Records) is at 46 on NACC charts! Thanks to all the stations, MDs, and DJs spinning our record and all the listeners! Been on the charts for 7 weeks

Read a fun interview with Frankie O'Malley and Allen Halas at MKE's Breaking and Entering

Did you see Tim Hinely's Tasty Waves review at Daggerzine?

3Hive -Todd
"Chicago's The Safes play sugary-sweet garage pop tunes that are a sure cure for any sour mood. Their new album, Tasty Waves, is 22 minutes of warm, summery-pop bliss"

Poprockrecord says about Tasty Waves and the band...
The Safes follow a familiar trajectory in band development, from raucus rock and roll origins to a more refined sound as we get closer to the present. “Deception” from 2006’s Well Well Well showcases the fun, almost live feel of their early work. But fast forward to the 2013-16 period and the sound has shifted to more melody and harmony on tracks like “Live Life Like You Want to Live” with its almost plaintive single note piano solo. The basic elements are actually all still there, they’ve just been rejigged in importance, as can be seen from the great rock and roll guitar intro to “I Would Love You,” which also features a distinctive keyboard solo, this time on organ. Which brings us to the present and The Safes’ fabulous new record Tasty Waves. Sounding like a more punky version of Apples in Stereo, the band aces the first single and opening track “Hometown” with its chiming guitar and swinging hookiness. Here comes a serious ear worm infection! The whole album is pretty strong, though I’d single out “Streets and Sanitation” for special mention with its insistent strummy-ness, rumbly lead line and nice horn motifs.

Here's AbsolutePowerPop.Blogspot Tasty Waves review from Oct 10:
The Safes-Tasty Waves. I've always enjoyed these unreconstructed power poppers from Chicago, but their latest is a leap forward in songcraft and their best to date. Reminiscent of The Lolas and other similar early 2000s bands, they also draw on influences such as Rockpile and Guided by Voices to produce a bunch of quick-hitting melodic gems (no track here tops the 3-minute mark). They're all fun, but special marks go to "Hometown", "Crystal Ball", and "Mind of its Own".

East coast we're coming for you riding Tasty Waves and playing with tons of great bands and friends! Check the shows page for all the Sept, Oct and Nov tour dates details
Be on the lookout for us performing live on two killer radio station WXPN in Philly and WFMU in NJ/NYC!!!

Order the Sea Blue &/or Electric Blue LPs at Hidden Volume
Or order on iTunes & CD

September 2017
Thanks to Richard Milne for spinning us on WXRT Local Anesthetic, WLUW Razor and Die, and all the college and alternative commercial stations playing The Safes Tasty Waves and getting us on the charts!

See you Cleveland, State College, Philly, Cambridge, Newport, at end of September!
Crossroads Music Festival in splendid KC, Circle-A in MKE and Scoobfest in Green Bay both were a gas, thanks to all you kind people!

Wanna be part of the coolest music festival around, head tons of killer bands, meet other sweet music lovers and eat some tasty KC BBQ? Trust us, you do! Grab your tickets for the Crossroads Music Festival that we are fortunate to be playing next weekend 9/9 in beautiful KC, MO! This festival is masterfully produced by Bill Sundahl, KKFI 90.1 FM radio station and some of KC's finest like Jaqui Craig! We can't wait!
Buy tickets now!

Midwest and East coast we a're coming for you!!! Check Shows page for the dates!

Popmatters Jedd Beaudoin premiered The SAFES - Tasty Waves. Read Jedd's review while streaming it in it's entirety here!

Listen up for our second single, "Mediocre Jokers" premiered here by Jim Kopeny at Chicagoist!

Pre-order the Sea Blue &/or Electric Blue LPs at Hidden Volume
Or pre-order on iTunes & CD

August 2017
Thanks to Stereogum for premiering the first music video & single from The Safes Tasty Waves out Sept 8th on Hidden Volume Records, folks!
Watch this "Hometown" video that was expertly directed and annimated by Patrick Oleksy here!

Shout out to Alternative Press for including The Safes "Hometown" video single as 13 songs you need to hear!

July 2017
The Safes are thrilled that we'll soon be sharing with you our first single, "Hometown" from Tasty Waves via Patrick Oleksy magnificently animated and directed music video - LOOK OUT!
The Safes have the best friends. Thanks to you! We will see you soon in your towns soon!

Thanks to all the lovely people that came out to Montrose Beach on the 4th of July - what an awesome night!

June 2017
The Safes are thrilled to be releasing our next LP, Tasty Waves, with Baltimore's garage rock maven Hidden Volume Records on September 8, 2017!
Be on the lookout the limited edition two color vinyl options!

Beach Blanket Blitzkreig on the 4th of July at Montrose Beach with our friends Black Cat Heart Attack, Sweet Figurines. So.... come on. Fireworks, Rock'n'roll, beach, waves...

May 2017
RawFest - June 3rd Sat. Chicago, IL @ Township
w/ Bible of the Devil, The Vibrolas, Buzzzard, The Evictions, Beggars, The Miners

Dr. James William Glass surgically crafted the Streets and Sanitation video! So cool!

April 2017
Hello!!!! Hello!
Penthouse Sweets album release for In the House of Penthouse Sweets on Saturday April 29 at Livewire Lounge Chicago
with The Safes and The Means of Production. Cya there!

Mastering our new album and starting to get the artwork formatted - soon we will share....

March 2017
Finished up the mixes with Brian Deck at his home studio last month - sounding great...

February 2017
Bickhamstock show at Double Door on Friday Feb 17 playing along with Little Boy Jr, Coyote Riot, PM Buys!
Final mix touches happening soon for our next lp - can't wait 'til you guys hear it
Listen to and watch some videos from The Safes on WGN Radio's "Live from Studio 435" on Justin Kaufmann's The Download show right here

January 2017
Just tracked some french horn and trumpet for the next album - sounding cool!
Radio, Radio -
Monday Jan 9 @ 10pm CST tune into WGN Radio to hear The Safes on The Download with Justin Kaufmann!
Come out to Township on Sat. Jan 14 for a great Early, all-ages show with our friends The Differents, The Hustle, and Ex Okays; doors 3pm, $8

December 2016
Shooting footage for animated music video for "Hometown" off of our upcoming album

November 2016
TV - TV - TV - TV --
Wed Nov 23 at 8:45am (CST) tune into Fox Morning News to hear The Safes play live the morning of Friendsgiving!

On Friday Nov. 18 at 5pm, tune your radio dial to the Razor and Die show on Chicago's WLUW to hear The Safes talk with Di and Razor about Friendsgiving,
spin a new cover song we recorded and tracks off White Mystery and Flesh Panthers new albums!

Thanksgiving Eve. Friendsgiving: White Mystery // The Safes // Flesh Panthers // Master of Ceremony, comedian Bill Bullock
@ 1st Ward (2033 W North Ave) on Wed. Nov 23
Ages 18 and over! FUN

October 2016
DJ James VanOsdol and longtime supporter of The Safes spun "I Would Love To" on his 101 WKQX Demo312 show, thanks James!

September 2016
Don't miss this show - Friday Sept. 30 @ Township with The Differents, Baltimore's PLURALS, and The Laureates!
9pm - $8 Talk about a steal!

Did you read John Borack's review in Goldmine Magazine re:
"One of the cooler things about being a music buff is discovering a band that’s flown under your radar for many years. Such is the case with me and The Safes, a Chicago-area combo led by the O’Malley brothers – Frankie, Michael and Patrick – that has drawn comparisons to Guided by Voices, The Apples In Stereo, Brendan Benson, Fountains of Wayne and even the Kinks. I’ve been listening to their 2014 release,Record Heat, and it’s a short (barely 25 minutes) 10-song effort that can be seen – and heard – as some sort of amalgamation of all the above comparisons, with a garagey swagger and super-sweet lead vocals (courtesy of Frankie, I believe) that are a bit reminiscent of The Singles’ Vince Frederick. “I Would Love To” and “Know it All” are both power poppin’ sureshots, and The Safes deftly avoid any of the clichés often inherent in the genre. Check out their 2006 effortWell Well Wellas well; 10 more cool ditties with sharp hooks and some great song titles: “Cool Sounds are Here Again” and “Phone Book Full of Phonies.”

August 2016
Windy City shows in September with our friends from home, Philly & Baltimore! Can't wait! First one is Friday Sept. 9 @ Liars Club with our bros Red Lions and The People!

July 2016
Did you see that placement with The Safes "Youth Cult" and Quiksilver? Radical

June 2016
Still waters run deep...

March 2016
Making more recording process and Chicago be on the lookout for shows soon

January 2016
Tracking, tracking, tracking, tracking, tracking summer songs in the middle of winter - it does a body good
Photo shoot late last month was truly special - family style, be on the lookout.

December 2015
10 new recordings in the can in 2 days with the boys in the band and Brian Deck at the console

November 2015
Thanksgiving Eve Nov 25 at Livewire Lounge ( 3994 N. Milwaukee Ave ) - Don't miss it!
The Regals will open the show, Red Plastic Buddha will perform second, The Differents third and The Safes play last

More rehearsals and preproduction happening before we head into the studio to record another new one

September 2015

Finished mixing one album Sept 18; started practicing for next lp with the boys Sept. 19.

My oh my, how have you been? The SAFES are playing a fun weekend of shows with our pals Thee Lexington Arrows and Red Lions Oct. 2 & Oct. 3
See you there

November 2014

Thanksgiving Eve 2014 - with our friends The Differents kicking off the show and Back Alley Riot closing it shut! See You there.
Wed Nov 26 at Livewire Lounge
3394 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60641

Check out this fun feature Pollstar interview by Jay Smith with Frankie talking about whats cooking

Thanks Magnet Magazine for the spotlight on "Hopes Up, Guard Down" on MP3 At 3PM
"Chicago power trio The SAFES, who pump out some of the best garage rock the music world has seen.
Latest single “Hopes Up, Guard Down” is fun and crazy, constantly spinning and whirling in a frenzy of psychedelic garage pop."

Terry Flamm reviewed "Record Heat" on Broken Hearted Toy

October 2014

Pollstar kindly highlighted Willie Nelson performing at the White House,
Grateful Dead dudes at the World Series in San Fran,
and The SAFES new music video

Yahoo! Music premiered The SAFES "I Would Love To" music video directed by Mickey Mangan on Oct. 20. You have to watch it! by Wendy Geller
"Chicago-based power-pop band the Safes have just released a new album, Record Heat,
and to mark the occasion they’ve decided to release an anthemic new video for single “I Would Love To”
— one that shows off just how dedicated (and widespread!) their global fan base is.

Yahoo Music is excited to premiere the very first look at the innovative clip, which depicts fans of the band throughout the world
– in their home countries (15 represented), and in their native languages (12 represented). Talk about international appeal!
If you’d like to catch the Safes on tour in your town, they’re rolling through the Northeast all November. Check below for Fall tour dates.
11/10 Cleveland, OH @ Pats In The Flats
11/11 Pittsburgh, PA @ Howlers
11/12 State College, PA @ Darkhorse
11/13 Philadelphia, PA @ Ortlieb's
11/14 Boston, MA @ PAs
11/15 Portland, ME @ Bayside Bowl
11/16 Providence, RI @ The Parlour
11/17 New York, NY @ Pianos
11/18 New Haven, CT @ Cafe Nine
11/19 New London, CT @ Oasis
11/20 Annapolis, MD @ The Metropolitan
11/21 Baltimore, MD @ Sidebar
11/22 Bowling Green, OH @ Howard's Club H
11/26 Chicago, IL @ Livewire Lounge


Sign up to be a Daytrotter member to hear our Record Heat Session Listen to "Hopes Up, Guard Down" right here

Thanks to Nic Harcourt for spinning "Hopes Up, Guard Down" on his Connections radio show!

Be on the look any day now for the release of the "I Would Love To" music video directed by Mickey Mangan. So awesome!
Thanks to Mickey Mangan, Giovanni Bucci, Siobhan and all our fans across the globe for being part of something we're very proud of - you rule!

Check out the Shows page for our upcoming east coast tour! Can't wait to see your lovely faces again!

August 2014
Had a blast recording a Daytrotter session last weekend! Session will be posted soon
Working on finishing up LP4 - LOOKOUT!

May 2014
Buy Record Heat on CD or 12 inch white vinyl here or on Bandcamp here
Popmatters premiered The SAFES - Record Heat. Stream it in it's entirety here! While listening you can read stories of each song written by Frankie O'Malley!
Be on the lookout for the official music video for The SAFES - "I Would Love To" directed by Mickey Mangan to be premiered soon! It's incredible.
Thanks to Mickey and everyone that contributed to make a truly global video.
Watch a video of The SAFES tracking and mixing Record Heat in Detroit with Jim Diamond, Jason Ward in Benton Harbor, MI @ KeyClub Recording and at StudiO'Malley.
Can't wait to see you all on the road!

April 2014
The SAFES Record Heat will be going for adds on radio on April 22 - tune into your favorite radio stations and request The SAFES!
Thanks to Eric Davidson of CMJ for the video premiere of The SAFES 'Hopes Up, Guard Down"on Monday April 7 directed by our friend Mike Hindert.
"Chicago’s modern rock musical rep rests primarily on Touch & Go’s long post-rock legacy, and deservedly so. But since the late-70s, the Windy City has also been a consistent fount of solid power pop, from the big bang of Cheap Trick to awesome also-rans like Epicycle and the Vacant Lot, regional warhorses like the Elvis Brothers.
The Safes have continued along that line for a few years now. A trio of brothers (Frankie, Patrick and Michael O’Malley), they credit their dad with having a home full of cool classic rock records, and they smelt loads of exhumed ’60s garage and pop goodness into their bright sound. Their third full-length, Record Heat—recorded by Jim Diamond (White Stripes, The Sonics), Jason Ward (Arcade Fire) and Patrick O’Malley—will be out April 29 on Wee Rock Records, and we’ve got a video premiere for the single, Hopes Up, Guard Down, right here. Let’s just say the motorcycle bandit who zooms through this mini-movie is no chicken."

On Tuesday April 29, Wee Rock Records brings you The SAFES new LP Record Heat
Available in White-hot 12 Inch vinyl LPs, compact discs, and digital varieties
Come pick up your copy at one of these fine shows - we're looking forward to seeing you all

Here are some stills from The SAFES upcoming music video directed by Mike Hindert of The Bravery; look for a premiere in early April!




March 2014
Follow The SAFES on Instagram

On Saturday, March 22nd we spent an afternoon at the wonderful Bucci Studios with the talented and gracious Giovanni Bucci; we surrounded by his striking sculptures, vivid paintings and other artwork during the filming some of the "I Would Love To" video with director Mickey Mangan. More info, photographs, and the epic video currently being filmed all across the globe by rad people.

February 2014
Just approved our test pressing for the new album which should be coming out in the spring. Can't wait for everyone to hear it!

January 2014
Recorded some cello with Jax and violo with Patrick Mangan on "The Rest of My Life" and "Open Your Eyes", respectively, today @ Studiomalley

November 2013
Hey STL come on out to the Heavy Anchor on Sat. Nov 23 and make sure to buy Scott too many drinks than he can drink for his birthday.
We'll be playing with our friends Thee Fine Lines and the Cripplers. Not to be missed!

Speaking of killer shows, we'll be celebrating the release of our new EP at our 10th annual Thanksgiving Eve show at the Empty Bottle with 3 of our favorite bands;
Jet W. Lee will be tearing it up first, second on the bill will be the force of nature known as the Phenoms, then us O'Malley boys, and closing out the night will be the heavy soul sounds of The Differents.

We've got some fun radio interviews coming up too! First we'll be back to talk to Hex and Jeannie on WLUW's Radio One on Thursday Nov 21 around 6/6:30pm.
Then we'll be heading back into Vocalo's studio to talk to our pal Jesse Menedez on Monday November 25 at 7pm.

Read an interview just did with Eric from The Total Scene

October 2013
Watch the current season of Roadtrip Nation on PBS or here it rules. Live life like you wanna live, Away We Go and more
Shows coming up in STL and TGE in Chicago

September 2013
"Live Life Like You Wanna Live" video!
Wanna see Frankie recording vocals on "Good Is Gold" at the Key Club Recording studio in Benton Harbor, MI
rock'nroll alert. Sept. 27 @ The Burlington with The Dead On and One Wing Low

August 2013
Did you guys get those downloads? Sharing is caring folks
Check out the video of us recording "Change The Game"
Be on the lookout for some new songs on our new EP Thanks To You!

"Live Life Like You Wanna Live"
"Change The Game"
"Good Is Gold
Going into Joyride Studio to master some new tracks with Blaise Barton

May 2013
Come on out to Beat Kitchen for The Differents "Christley Block" cd release show on Friday June 14th; pick up the album - its magically delicious!
The show will be primo too with Phil Angotti starting things off, The SAFES, The Differents, and to close it out The Handcuffs

Check out The SAFES MTV Artist page

February 2013
Hear The SAFES "Everybody in the World" on the "Running Down the Dream" episode of Cougar Town (TBS) on Tuesday Feb. 5
You can also check out this episode of Generator Rex (Cartoon Network) to hear The SAFES "Sing Along"
Please see us/hear us perform "It's True" live on WGN Midday News with a few special members of our clan

January 2013
Friday January 4th at Schubas Don't miss a killer rock'n'roll show with Warm Ones, The SAFES, and Penthouse Sweets
The Sweets will be releasing their new full-length "It's Fine. It's Fine. It's Fine." We highly recommend picking one up at the show!

Also earlier on Friday January 4th, tune into WGN's Midday Newscast (11am-1pm) to hear The SAFES perform "It's True" live on the tube/screen

December 2012

Check out the theme song The SAFES wrote for Katatomic Labs right here! Be sure to cross some things off your Christmas list
by picking up some of the fine creations from Katatomic Labs where everday is fun, fun, fun!

Triple B Show - Birthday Benefit Bash
December 15, 2012 @ Quenchers (Fullerton & Western)
A special benefit concert for Autism Speaks and Music Cares while celebrating Thomas Durkin's B-Day!

In addition to The Differents, The SAFES, and Hushdrops performing, there will be a silent auction with music memorabilia and other fun
stuff, including autographed music goodies from Big Star, Material Issue, another item from Game Theory... There will be a raffle.
If you'd like to be part of that, please bring cash. Silent auction interested parties might want to bring their checkbooks.

Tune into CRC fm Castlebar County Mayo, Ireland on December 6, 2012 CST to hear Johnny Oosten interview The SAFES.
The boys would like to thank CRC and Johnny for playing our new single!

Thanks so much to all of you that came out to our Thanksgiving Eve show and to Jesse @ Vocalo,
Hex and Jeannie on WLUW, and Fearless Radio for having us on

November 2012

Come on out to Township (2200 California) for The SAFES annual Thanksgiving Eve show Nov. 21st
to hear/see The SAFES, Decoy Prayer Meeting and The Dead On.
The SAFES will be releasing our new single Century of Saturdays that evening.

Listen to our interview on Vocalo with Jesse Menendez from November 19, 2012

Fearless Radio

Tune into WLUW's Radio One show with Hex and Jeannie on November 15, 2012

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