Our Recent News

September 2019

Did you hear The Safes Winning Combination LP yet? Jedd Beaudoin at PopMatters calls it “a collection of chamber pop masterpieces that more often recall the Zombies, the Kinks, the Beach Boys, and the Beatles rather than the Clash or the Jam. The O’Malley family has outdone itself here, giving us a most unexpected treasure that speaks […]

August 2019

Here’s the first single and music video for the 1st track off of Winning Combination: “It’s True” music video directed by our pals Baby Pony Food premiered on the 405. The Safes new album Winning Combination will be released on with Action Weekend Records and Bickerton Records – LP/CD/Digital Can’t wait to share this album […]

July 2019

Designing new t-shirts for our upcoming tour dates in the late summer, fall and early winter Just approved the LP & CD art and mastered album with Blaise Barton at JoyRide Studio

June 2019

Finalizing the LP & CD art mock up, gonna have a professional at X10 to do the heavy lifting The album is getting mastered and those videos for “It’s True” and “On Top” are nearly done.

May 2019

FWD, TTT new jams, tracks 1 and 2 or 2 and 1 we’re on top of the world

April 2019

ahhhh lunesta

March 2019

midi? Just got a view of Baby Pony Food’s “It’s True” music video filmed in DC ! Kafka gameshow wouldn’t you know

February 2019

Buy Frankie’s been busy minting out WMOL and RTD in his studio, while Patrick has been doing some consulting work Gathering up the premasters that’ll soon be getting juiced up

January 2019

Busy mocking up LP5’s album cover – looking like a classic….